Internship done, and Tokyo tomorrow!

Hola Amigos,

Been slacking on keeping this thing up to date, and since so much has been happening figured i would provide a quick update before i just get wayyy too far behind.

The last few days have been awesome. I presented for the SE Asia marketing manager in Indonesia, and had an awesome goodbye dinner with the managers in Jakarta. After that, i headed off to Singapore.

Singapore has been sweet. I gave my final presentation to the company CEO on saturday and it went extremely well. Since my only task over here was the final presentation, i had the opportunity to check out some of the amazing city. Spent my time walking around exploring things, eating delicious food, and even managed to meet up with my aunt who happened to be over here for business.

I have to wake up at 4am for my flight (4 hours…blown) so will write more later. Actually, since i’m gonna be in Tokyo i’ll probably just update this once and for all once i’m back home in 4 short days.

See ya soon, Cheers!

Sahil Rahman

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