My life in the Philippines

My life in the Philippines

My life has been rather ridiculous over the last few months, and that hasn’t changed a bit since i’ve arrived in the Philippines. Upon landing, i took a cab over to the Outback Steakhouse in Makati City, Philippines which is a really nice area right outside of Manila, which is the capital city. To be honest, I didn’t know anything about Filipino culture coming into this trip and so the last few days have been a crazy crash course.

I met with the Operating Partner Rommel at the store location, and after grabbing some lunch together he showed me to my accommodations for the next couple weeks.

I’m staying at a relatively nice hotel in a really nice area known as Greenbelt, right on the edge of Makati City. It is about a 10-15 minute walk to the Outback store. To get there, i pass through gorgeous malls which contain about every brand name that you can think of from Starbucks to Gucci.
Hotel has a guard that opens the door for me and says hello, sir everytime i walk in which is nice.

I’m staying in a pretty solid hotel room on the 26th floor. It’s a double twin bed room, complete with a kitchenette and a nice view.

View. Unfortunately i can’t get onto the balcony as they have it locked.

On my way to work i have to walk through this super nice area in Greenbelt!

First day of Work, just like everything else on this trip, my first day of work was just crazy. My training began at 10am, and i was to be given comprehensive outback training, which means that i would learn the restaurant inside out, starting with the kitchen. To that end, i spent my first day chopping lettuce, celery, prepping ribs, bagging food as if i were in Manna Food Center, and much more. I had never worked in a kitchen before, and it was fascinating work and in just that one day learned so much!

Was really interesting to see how Outback produces their food, and as a whole i have been thoroughly impressed with everything the company has done to date, from product quality to company culture. Really like everyone i’m working with, and it has been a blast diving completely into Filipino culture, and learning about the people i work with’s lives and backgrounds.

The native language in Manila is Tagalo, and although nearly everyone speaks pretty solid english really wish i knew some of the language!

This guy (Mano i believe) told me he was great at singing in English, and everyone told me he was “American Idol” jokingly, and then he sang for me.. was too funny haha

Got back and had to throw up the NO8DO sign to make it feel a bit more like home

Put up my tapestry as well

Get breakfast delivered to my room every morning! Some days it’s edible, some days it’s not. Bringing me to my next point about Filipino food..

This afternoon at work, one of my co-workers asked me to come take a look at something. He pulled open a bag to reveal this, and i jumped back and nearly had a heart attack haha. Filipino’s love their pork, possibly even more than the Spanish love their ham. ALl of their food revolves around meat and pork in particular, and i don’t think vegetarians have any shot over here. Not a huge pork fan, so haven’t really been trying too much food, but have been dissapointed and at times ( look below ) disgusted by their offerings. The employees had devoured the pig head by the next time i walked past where it used to be

Strange Pig head

I love everyone i’m working with, and it’s been great getting to know the kitchen staff. They have all taught me so much about cooking, their country, and without realizing it many things about people and the world, and for that i am forever grateful. They have a small music player at work in the kitchen, and they are always blasting 90s music. I decided to put on my Gaylist (A playlist i made loaded with 90s favorites) and they all loved it! We’ve literally just danced in the kitchen for two days straight since i brought out my Ipod, and it’s been a blast hanging with the guys!

Work has been really intense over here, as i’m basically working all day from 10am to 10pm with a break in between, and lunch and dinner. I’ve been systematically working my way through the Outback menu, which has made my wallet rather happy as i’m not spending any money. On the other hand, it’s a good thing i’m working and eating at a steakhouse daily, just days after finding out i have high cholesterol haha.

Since i’m working such long hours, i haven’t really had a chance to explore any of Makati city beyond my hotel room, the outback, and the malls which connect those locations.

My Filipino Family

You can call me Chef Sahil!

It’s real strange living in a hotel room by yourself, especially in a foreign country. Was especially weird the first couple nights, but getting used to life over here, and am loving spending time at work with all the cool people i’m getting an opportunity to meet.

At times i wish i had someone to share these memories with, but with the same token it has been a cool experience completely diving in and traveling the world solo. As i mentioned earlier, can’t get over the fact that it’s been just one short week since i landed in Hong Kong. Gets me so excited to think that i’ve still got over 6 weeks here to continue growing, learning, and exploring Southeast Asia!

Hope everyone is doing well, Keep in touch!



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