My US Vacation!

Hello there,

After an impossible day of running around like a chicken with a head cut off in the airport, (i literally ran onto my flight) I finally made it over to the Philippines this afternoon! My neighborhood is super nice, staying in a pretty solid hotel, and i got to meet the GM at the Outback location i’ll be working at. First day of work is tomorrow morning, intrigued to see how it goes!

Here’s a blog post about my brief, but terrific 3 week trip back home to the US.

My US Vacation!

I got back to the United States after my 5 month stint abroad on the night of May 26th, and it was great to get back home and see everyone. Dad picked me up from the airport, and Saba had decorated the house with a welcome home banner and even made me my favorite type of cake, funfetti! Mom and Mama had made me a delicious home-cooked meal (something I had been craving since I left) and there was nothing like seeing my best friend and dog Romeo after such a long time apart.

Since i’m in Asia now, I was only in the US for about 3 weeks after my semester abroad and as a result, it actually felt like a vacation to the US. It was real strange, because the first week i spent just like sleeping and learning how to become a real person again. Then i was trying to catch up with as many people as i could, work all the time as i’m broke as a joke, and getting re-adjusted to life in the US again. Then, finally as i got settled in back home i took off again so was a pretty crazy few weeks, but really feel like i made the most of em!

Welcome Home Party
A couple days later, i decided to throw myself a welcome home party as an excuse to get everyone over to the house so i could see all the lovely faces i hadn’t seen in far too long.

With the two best momma’s ever at the party!

College Park!

After getting back, i decided to head up to College Park a few times to see the one place i really missed while abroad! Here are some of the highlights of my visits back home to CP!

Drove by and creeped on our soon to be new house, starting August 1st!

Went to the mall and hung out with Tequila later on!

Old Roomies Reunited!

Got to check out the epic view from my old Apt. one last time!

Mike and I headed over to CP one night after work, and we made friends with two of the tallest girls i’ve ever met haha (UMD basketball players)

Passed out on Katie’s couch multiple times as i was homeless, and died of laughter watching her search like a maniac looking for her phone. This is her celebration after finding it haha

This isn’t really significant at all, i just found it amusing. CSTONE with the dancing grads!

Our good friend, Colleen, from Study abroad came to College Park to visit us!

Met the infamous Shanesaw!

We celebrated the coolest grandpa ever’s 92nd bday!

Saba made him a dessert platter that he probably shouldn’t have been eating haha

Playdate #1 in America with Helen!

One of my best friends from Sevilla, Casey, and i had promised each other that we were going to continue our ridiculuos playdates when we got back home as she lives nearby in Alexandria. Proud to say we followed through on it and had an epic day hanging out together!
Being that we’re both a couple little kids that are starting to look like grown ups now, we figured it would only be appropriate to go to the National Zoo and check out some animals!

Haathi Meri Saathi

Dunno if i will ever get over how funny it is to watch parents literally walking their children on leashes hahah

Lion Cubs!

Helen and I at the zoo!

Went to get Margaritas!

Concluded our playdate with dinner at dad’s restaurant in DC!

Was so glad we actually met up, and it was great seeing such a good friend from abroad at home! Gave me hope that there is a shot of maintaining our close friendships from abroad back stateside!

Tosh’s Grad Party!

Nanu and I before Tosh’s party

Saba in front of the mansion the grad party was at

Fantastic video that Anand Uncle and Tosh put together for everyone!

Mongolian BBQ and a Batmitzvah

Went and grabbed some grub at Mongolian BBQ and caught up with some buds. Then worked a wild, unforgettable batmitzvah at Indique Heights.

Buena Gente


That night at the restaurant, we were working a Batmitzvah, and man can Jews can get down. Those little kids were partying non-stop for like 5 hours haha

Potential future Carroll Hall residents getting down

Adorable kiddo

Met a fascinating lady named anya, who i wrote about in the previos blog post. Definitely a story worth reading!

Rio Grande w/ Devon
Went back to Rio to see mah homegurl Devon

Rathi’s Grad Party!

Congrats Rat, CP’s gonna be hilarious with you in it next year haha

DJ Tech-neek was in the house

Amigos 4 life

Had a family photoshoot after lunch the day before i left

My 3 weeks in the US were great, and it was so good to see everyone again. Was more stressful than relaxing as i was running around meeting up with people, and preparing for Asia, but it actually felt nice having some sense of responsibility after havnig absolutely zero in Spain haha.



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