Summer Plans

Summer Plans!

Hope everyone is having a great summer so far and is doing well! For those who don’t know yet, I will be interning in Singapore this summer for 7 weeks from June 18th – August 8th with a company called Universal Success Enterprises Limited (USEL).

USEL focuses mainly in 5 different divisions, which include: Power, Ports, Infrastructure Development, and Hospitality. I will be working in the hospitality division with the company. As part of their Hospitality division, they own the rights to the American restaurant chain Outback Steakhouse in Southeast Asia which spans 5 countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia. The company is looking to expand it’s operations in Southeast Asia. As a result, while working with them i will be asked to help them find potential opportunities for expansion, as well as ways to make their operations more scalable.

Halfway through my semester abroad, i realized how much i loved traveling and exploring new places so i began to look for internships abroad. I asked Dad to help me out in the search, and he recommended contacting one of his former classmates who owns USEL. I contacted the human resources department at USEL, and based on my past history working in restaurants and operations management, i was fortunate enough to secure an internship with hospitality division in the company!

As part of my internship, I’ll be training in Manila in the Philippines for 2 weeks, and also get to go to Jakarta, Indonesia as they are preparing a new restaurant launch there! As part of my travels, I stopped over in Hong Kong for a couple nights on my way there (Which is where I am currently writing this from) and will be stopping in Tokyo for a night or two on my way home! In all, I believe I will be covering 5 countries, and am hoping to try and make weekend trips to Thailand and Malaysia as I hear they are both beautiful countries as well.

I’m the companies only intern, and don’t really know anyone in Southeast Asia so should be a wild ride!

Catching up on the blog

I know i’m still over a month behind on this thing but i’m doing my best to catch up as i would like to keep the blog in somewhat of a chronological order. I arrived in Hong Kong a couple nights ago, and spent literally all day walking around and exploring the beautiful, crazy city. As soon as i manage to write and put up all these old blog posts i’ll start providing more detailed updates on my life so far in Asia!

I leave Hong Kong this evening at 8pm, and am taking a flight to Singapore where i will be mainly based out of this summer! Here we go..

Please please please keep in touch, and keep me updated on your lives! I’ll do my best to keep you updated on mine by at some point updating the blog!



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