Apologies once more for being terrible at updating the blog, we’ve had so many things going on in the past couple weeks that it’s been nearly impossible to find time to write this thing. Never realized blogs could actually be somewhat stressful in that you feel a strange sense of responsibility to keep updating them. Feel like usually this wouldn’t be a problem, but with so many different experiences and travels across the world it’s proven nearly impossibly to stay on top of.

Regardless, I am currently in England at my lovely cousin Ruth’s apartment, and have finally had a chance to relax and write a bit. Have had a fantastic trip to England so far, and will be cooking some scrambled eggs for breakfast on what will be my final day in Europe after a long and adventurous 4 months. Incredibly strange to think that i am going back home to the United States after all of our travels and experiences, and i feel like a completely different person than when i left but i am excited to get back home and see my family, awesome dog Romeo, and friends! Should be interesting to see how my relationships are with all of the people whom i haven’t seen in so long, and how i briefly re-adjust to US culture, etc.

Studying abroad has been amazing in every sense of the world, but i will save that post for later. Once i get home, i should have some time to update the blog in regards to our trips to Paris, the incredible week that was Feria, one of the best days of my life, the tough days saying goodbye to sevilla and our new API family, and finally study abroad in general/ what the future may hold..

Anyways, here are some details in regards to our adventure to Amsterdam…Enjoy!


Our flight landed in Brussels around 4pm, and from there on it was a race to figure out how to make it to our 7pm Eurolines bus ride to Amsterdam. We took an hour bus to the train station, and from there we illegally train hopped to the Eurolines bus station. We hurriedly grabbed some food at the convenience store, and then hopped on the bus to begin our 3-hour or so ride to Amsterdam! After a quick stop at a ridiculously nice rest stop, which was home to the nicest McDonalds I’ve ever seen, we finally arrived in Amsterdam after our full day of traveling.

We got in around 11pm, eager to meet up with one of our best buds, Gavin Elliott, who was studying abroad in Vienna for the year. Since Gavin had been studying abroad for the whole year, it had been nearly 8 months since we had last seen him, and we could barely contain our excitement in anticipation of seeing him. As Amsterdam is such a popular tourist destination during this time of the year, and we were a relatively large group we were unable to all get bookings in the same hostel so me, sean, ollie and kari were in one hostel, while Nick, Jared and Mike were in another. Jared is one of our good friends from API Sevilla study abroad, who was in Mallorca and decided to come meet up with us in Amsterdam.

We were staying at this fantastic hostel called the Flying Pig Uptown the first couple nights, and it was easily one of the coolest hostels I’ve ever been to. As we walked in, one of our favorite study abroad songs, Barbara, Streisand began to blast on the speakers, marking a sign of only good things to come during our wild visit to the city. The reception was actually located at a full bar which was located in the hostel, and they even had a crazy smoking room that was open 24/7. We got our rooms, and to our surprise the beds we had booked were actually doubles, so Sean and I ended up having to share a bed for all of our Amsterdam adventure haha.

Hostel bar/reception

After getting settled in at our hostel and grabbing a couple Juniper beers at the bar, we met up with Nick and Mike and went about searching for our buddy Gavin!

First (But definitely not last) Junipers in Amsterdam!

We’ve quickly learned that while traveling in foreign countries, the lack of phones can be problematic, and extremely expensive. Despite this issue, we eventually managed to meet up with our buddy Gavin and had a glorious reunion! It was so great to see him after so long, and we all spent the rest of the night catching up, reminiscing over great memories, and looking forward to making some new ones in Amsterdam. Meeting up with him in Amsterdam was somewhat of a surreal experience, as it was one of those things we had always talked about in the year leading up to our abroad experience, but I had never actually envisioned us following through with it for whatever reason. With that said, I couldn’t have been happier we made it happen as the experience was all we could have hoped for and more.

Best friends re-united!

The next day, we met up with Nick, Jared and Mike and headed off to explore the city. We went to a couple coffee shops, and then afterwards went to the hemp museum where I learned of hundreds of fascinating uses for hemp that I had never considered before.

Entering the Hemp museum

Following that, we went to the China town area to grab a bite. As spain is generally lacking in the way of flavor in their food and dishes which don’t involve Ham and Cheese, I was rather excited to dive into some Asian food. There had actually been one particular dish that I was dying for since the day I left the US, which is actually my favorite meal in the world. Thai Basil Chicken. Fortunately enough, Amsterdam came through and I found some basil chicken and had an absolutely delicious meal : ).

Amazing 🙂

After walking around some more, we decided to head off to Vonderful Vondel Park. As I have noticed through traveling around Europe, many of the major cities have beautiful parks and they are all well worth a visit. Vondel park proved to be no exception, and we spent a fantastic afternoon chilling out, playing some Frisbee, and listening to some good tunes courtesy of the portable party pack.

Vondel Park!

Lovely afternoon

After a long day out and about in the city, we all went back to the hostel and grabbed a couple beers before passing out in preparation for another interesting day ahead.

Shane’s Birthday!

The next morning marked the 21st birthday of one Seamus Duffy Tully. As you can expect, It was a ridiculous day. He started the day off with a couple morning Junipers and we set off to see more of the city and celebrate. The van gogh museum was located not too far from our hostel and we had heard great things so we decided to check it out. It was absolutely amazing, and one of those places that you must absolutely visit in your life. Before this trip, I had never really been too keen on museums or art exhibits, but this museum was one of the reasons I have changed my perceptions. We were there for what felt like hours, getting lost in beautiful paintings, and appreciating the incredible works of a masterful artist. Unfortunately, you weren’t allowed to take pictures and i was too fascinated by what i was seeing to worry about taking photos so no pics from the van gogh museum

The I amsterdam sign

Similar to all of the other days on our Eurotrip, it was an absolutely gorgeous day out. We were fortunate enough to have perfect weather in all of the cities we visited, and led us to believe that we, and those who have been touched by Sevilla bring the sun with them wherever they may travel. (I am currently in traditionally rainy and overcast England, and have had perfect weather all 4 days!) My best friend Naomi, who was studying abroad in Amsterdam happened to have arrived in Amsterdam that afternoon as she was embarking on her end of the semester eurotrip, so we all decided to meet up in Vondel Park.

Vonderful Vondel Park!

Soo pretty!

After some searching of the park, we finally stumbled upon Naomi, Kirsten and Brittany! It was the fourth time Naomi and I had managed to meet up in Europe, and I am glad to say we kept up on our promise of running into each other at least a couple times during our European adventures.

Look who we found!

We spent a few hours soaking up some sun, people watching, and having some fun. A couple of brittany’s friends had bikes that they had asked us to watch, so instead of just staring at them we decided to take them for a spin. It felt only fitting that the first time I rode a bike in what felt like years came in Amsterdam, as I have never seen so many bikes or people biking in one place. After 30 minutes of biking around and getting lost in the giant park, we eventually made it back to the group as the sun was setting.

Cool treees

Epic bike ride partners

From the park, our hostel was nearby so we headed over there to grab a couple beers. While sitting there, we happened to see one of our good friends, Chris Kiernan, from API just sitting in the lobby of our hostel on his laptop. It was a ridiculous coincidence, as we met studying abroad in Spain and ran into each on the same day in the same hostel in another European city. We also were fortunate enough to have Jared find us, as we had been separated all day for one reason or another, and the lack of phones combined with Junipers made meeting up nearly impossible.

We found Jared, or more like Jared found us!

That night, we hit up the infamous red-light district to see what all the hype was about. It was a trip. The area was just as you would imagine, lined with red lights and scantily clad women in the windows seductively attempting to lure anyone or thing that walked by to come in for some 50 euro fun. After the unique and interesting experience, we said goodbye to Jared who had a late night bus to catch, and headed back to our respective hostels. Apparently you will get chased if you take pics in the red-light district, and that sounded like no fun so no pics from there.

Group outside 420 cafe on 4/20!

Next day

The next morning, we woke up rather early as we had to move to our next hostel. We had been staying at the flying pig uptown, but were now moving on to the flying pig downtown. The location of our new hostel was really nice, and the hostel even nicer. Once more, the reception was a bar and it had a pool table and smoking room in the lobby. Also once more, Sean and I had the pleasure of sharing a full bed again haha.

Hostel Lobby

Our accomodations

Nick and Hirsh had an early morning bus they were catching to Paris, so it was just me, sean, kari and oliver in Amsterdam along with Gavin and Shane who were off somewhere in the city. We had literally spent all day trying to meet up with the two of them, but Gavin’s phone had stopped working so we had no way of meeting up with them, and figured we would just end up seeing them in Paris.

After some Spanish style mid-afternoon beers at the reception, and possibly some Jager bombs to start the day we grabbed some absolutely delicious Wok to Walk for lunch. Wok to walk is a fantastic quick service restaurant concept that serves delicious stir fry of your choice in heaping portions at relatively affordable prices. As such, I managed to have it approx. 5 times during my travels around Europe, and would be a big advocate of the chain opening a branch in college park haha.

Ms.Treasure was clearly thirsty that afternoon

Wok to walk!

We decided that we should hit up some more of Amsterdam’s famous museums, so we started by taking a look at the Sex Museum. By far one of the strangest places I’ve ever been to, and although I’m glad I went could not imagine myself going back to that unusual place.

Sex Museum

After the museum, the gang headed back to the hostel as I went off in search of some souvenirs from the city. After picking up a hat and a shot glass, I decided to check out the coffee shop next door to the souvenir shop. As I’m walking down the stairs of the shop towards the exit, I hear a loud “Sahil!!” and it is no other than the one and only Gavin Elliott with Seamus Duffy Tully. In a matter of serious serendipity, they had happened to be in the same coffee shop discussing how they were going to find us, as I walked down the stairs.

Serendipity at it’s finest!

We sat down, and enjoyed some fantastic coffee before going back to the hostel to show the rest of the gang who I had run into.

Gavin decided to do some headstands

We all went to the local grocery store and grabbed some beers and wine, and then sat down by one of Amsterdam’s beautiful canals to take in the sights and sounds of the city.

By the canal!

There was a mini carnival/fair type thing set up right near the centre of the city, so naturally we decided to take a look. There were tons of different rides and attractions to see, but there was one in particular which caught our eye. It looked similar to the large swing rides where it swings you around in circles, however this one was different. You were actually 100% horizontal on the ride. As crazy as it looked, we decided we had to do it.

Fair thing

Gavin and I sat next to each other on the ride, and we screamed our lungs out the entire time as we flew in dizzying circles hundreds of feet above the ground overlooking the city below. It was one of the craziest experiences of my life, and I’m so glad we did it!

Yea, we rode that.

Afterwards, we strolled through the red-light district one last time and decided to catch a disgusting, fascinating and disturbing 2-euro peep show. We headed back to our hostel and packed up all of our bags as we prepared to take off on our early morning bus to lovely Paris, France the next morning.

All in all, Amsterdam was an absolutely amazing and unforgettable experience. It was fantastic to see and spend time with two of my best friends in Naomi and Gavin.

Gavin and I on the tram!

If you have the opportunity to visit I would highly recommend doing so, as the city has so much more to offer than the coffee shops and red light district that come to mind when the city is mentioned.



Lovely Lagos!

Hola amigos,

Hope everyone is doing amazing! I’m still running super behind on the blog, but doing my best to catch up. Just hard for me to rationalize spending time typing these up when i could be at the river with the API family under the sevilla sun. Regardless, i should have all of our excursions and some Sevilla stories up real soon. I’m gonna get out of chronological order here, but figured i should just post whatever i’ve got soo here’s some details on our absolutely incredible trip to Lagos!

Lagos, Portugal

I have found paradise. We Just got back from one of the most epic excursions of my life! We went on an incredible weekend trip to the beautiful beach city of Lagos, Portugal. We went with an organization called Discover Sevilla that organizes trips throughout the region, and it turned out to be a great decision. We went for a total of 2 nights, 3 days and weren’t sober for a minute of it, as the constant party that has been studying abroad just continued at a feverish pace in Lagos.

After yet another wild night of partying during Feria, we all woke up early Friday morning to meet up at 9:30 at the bus stop to head off to Lagos. We met up with all of our API buds, and while waiting for the buses to take off, I brilliantly managed to break the bottle of rum in my bag making for an amusing start to the trip (and causing my boxers to stink of Ron for a little haha). We took off on the 3-hour or so journey, and after a quick pit stop arrived in Lagos! Wasn’t sure what to expect with the hotel, but it turned out to be really really nice.

Hotel Pool!

Marina by the hotel

Nick, Hirsh and I were all sharing a room that was fully equipped with a full kitchen and an awesome balcony that was overlooking the pool area, and allowed us to get to our friends rooms via some balcony hopping. After tossing our bags down, we signed up for the Sunday Sangria cruise and headed to the grocery store. Lucas, Scottie and I were struggling with what to buy as the beer was warm, and ended up stumbling across a cold mini keg of sangres beer that we thought would be a good idea to split. Upon arriving at the beach, we quickly realized it was not a good decision as it might as well have been labeled a foam keg haha but we were having too much fun on the beach to worry about anything but fun and the sun.

API Beach party!

The water was chilly, but nothing a few beers and some good friends couldn’t fix so we all spent some time hanging out in the gorgeous water. We played some soccer, Lucas and I got embarrassingly destroyed in a game of volleyball, and all in all had an awesome time hanging out at the beach. Discover Sevilla was taking us on a supposedly 25 minute bus trip to see what was supposed to be one the prettiest sunsets of all time at the end of the world (Literally what everyone thought was the end of the world before Columbus found the Americas) so we headed back to the hotel to meet up at around 630.

The bus ride turned out to actually be more like 45 minutes, and nearly everyone including me passed out immediately from exhaustion induced from travel, the beach, and unhealthy amounts of fluids. When we got there, unfortunately it was an extremely cloudy evening so we were unable to see the sunset we were looking forward to, but had a great time nonetheless. There were awe-inspiring cliffs with epic drops down to the picturesque blue water, and it was an amazing experience.

The boys at the end of the world

Too cloudy for the sunset but still amazing

Water was soo blue!

After sleeping through the bus-ride back to the hotel, everyone went and grabbed dinner before the evening’s festivities. After a pasta dinner at our place, we cracked open some cold sangres and began to get ready for our night out in Lagos. Discover Sevilla had organized a trip for us to go to a bar/discoteca called Gran Café, so we grabbed our two free drink vouchers and headed inside for a fun-filled night of dancing with 30 of our closest API friends.

Next morning, I got up naturally having missed breakfast but more than ready to hit the beach with everyone. We all grabbed our snacks and drinks, and took a 20 minute walk to what must have been the prettiest beach spot I’ve ever seen. To get there, we had to wade through knee deep water and climb through a couple caves, till we found a spot we claimed as API’s private beach.

Climbing through caves to get to our sweet beach!

To give you an idea of how incredible this place was, Angelina Jolie’s summer home was rumored to be located on top of the sandstone cliffs overlooking our beach (Whether there’s any truth or not to the rumor’s to be determined, but I’m gonna go with it). We spent the lovely afternoon tossing the Frisbee around, and swimming through the gorgeous water and in and around the cave formations in the water. We managed to find a rock platform that fit all of us on it and re-named that sacred rock APIsland haha.


Our beach!


After spending the lovely afternoon on the beach, we all decided to head back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. That night for dinner, as we all had kitchens in our respective apartment bedroom things, we had decided to have an API potluck! With 30 drunken kids, and unsure of who could actually cook I was a little skeptical as to whether it would actually work out, but it turned out to be a grand success. I had decided to make some Asian stir-fry, so ran to the grocery store and bought all the ingredients I needed and got back and started cooking. It’s been nearly 5 months since i’ve actually cooked, and doing so once more reminded me of how much I thoroughly enjoy doing so. I ended up buying way too much food, but my teriyaki stir-fry turned out pretty well and I headed over to the girls room down the hall for the potluck. There was tons of delicious food, and I was extremely impressed it worked out so well.

Potluck !

Delicious! I made the stir-fry up top

After dinner, we started playing one of our favorite API drinking games: Cheers, Governor! Basically the way the game works is that everyone in the circle counts up to 21, and when you get to 21 everyone says Cheers, Governor! and drinks. The person who said 21 then has to make up a ridiculous rule for a certain number, so for example on 10 instead of saying the number 10, you would have to get up and do the chicken dance or something of that nature. If anyone messes up, then you start again from the beginning so as you can imagine the game becomes much more difficult as you drink more and more rules are added. We must have had 20 or so people playing, and the rules got pretty ridiculous, ranging from complementing Jared to unbuttoning someones shirt haha. After playing for what felt like forever, we all finished our drinks and headed off for another fun night on the town!

Cheers, Governor!

Most of us had signed up for a Sangria cruise that was being offered by the organization we were traveling with, so the next morning, we woke up extremely excited to head off on the beautiful water. We met up in the lobby and got to the boats around 11am, and the party began. We managed to get most of our API friends on one boat, and we set off into the unbelievably blue water with Salsa music in our ears, and cups of fruity sangria in our hands.

We’re on a boat!

Once we got pretty far out into the water, they told us that we could all jump off the boat, and so we all jumped together on a count of three into the freezing cold water, which was a blast. Here’s a video of us all jumping off!

Flippin in!

As part of our cruise, along with the unlimited Sangria they took us off in a small motorboat into the incredible grotto caves. The caves were gorgeous, and saw by far the prettiest water my eyes have ever seen.


Bluest water ever

Skull Cave!

2 hours, and 15 cups of Sangria or so later we got back to the dock and headed straight to the beach to hang out for the rest of the day before we all had to head back home to Sevilla. As bummed as we all were to head home from paradise, that last sentence made us all shake our heads and realize we are going HOME to one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world. All in the entire trip was an absolute blast, and one of the most fun weekends I’ve ever had. If you ever have the opportunity to visit the city, do it.

As amazing as Lagos was, it was truly the people who made the trip. I honestly believe I would have had just as much fun at Ocean Shitty, Maryland as long as I was with my good friends in API. I’ve never met this large a group of people who all get along so well together, and over the past 4 months we have become one huge, incredibly drunk, loving family and I wouldn’t trade my time with my Ah-pee family for the world. Really strange to think that Lagos was our last big trip, and I as much as I hate to admit it I only have 6 more days of this fairytale dreamland life I’m leading.

I love you API




Hola Amigos!

I hope you are all doing amazing. Apologies once more for not updating the blog in what feels like forever. Between partying every night, recovering every day, and repeating for the last month I just haven’t found the time or motivation to keep up with it. Now that my 24 day vacation is finished (Who am I kidding, this entire 4 months has been the best vacation of my life) I figured it wouldn’t be a bad time to procrastinate on the massive amounts of schoolwork that have been piling up, and do my best to catch up on the blog.

Since I last updated the blog we have traveled all over the world, and I believe this may very well have been the best month of my life. To give you a quick update, after completing our crazy Eurotrip, which spanned the wonderful cities of Oslo, Amsterdam, and Paris we returned to sunny Sevilla to catch a bullfight, and then our buddy Shane came the next day for a wild week. Following that, we went to one of the most beautiful and fun places I’ve ever been to in Lagos, Portgual for a ridiculous weekend with 50 of my best API friends. There is so much that has happened in my life over the course of the last month that there is no way you would want to read (or that I would want to write) about it all at once so I’ll break it up and try to get up to date as fast as I can, starting with our trip to Oslo, Norway.


The seven of us awoke early on the 14th of April, bursting with excitement, as we were soon to embark on our rapidly approaching adventure across Europe. The initial gang began as Caitlin, Miss Kari Baby, Boliver Bay Bhepard, El Bebe (Hirsh), El nino de la leche/Suave (The child of the milk Nick Pendery), Ciaonnn (Sean) y Saheee (Me).

We had an early evening flight to Oslo, which departed from Malaga so we had to take a train over to Malaga that took about 2 hours or so. Once we arrived in Malaga, a relatively touristy town famous for it’s beaches, we had some time to kill so we set of to explore the sunny city for a couple hours. We stumbled upon some sweet castle like place that provided us exceptional views of the city and wandered around for a while.

Cool Train



Amazing View

We had to take the metro from the train station, so we spent some time hanging out in the train station, which was located in an expansive mall. I noticed that Pull & Bear (Popular Spanish store similar to Zara) had these awesome white goggles on their manikins, which would be the perfect addition to my sensation white costume. Naturally, I went in to the store and somehow managed to persuade the store manager to let me walk off with a pair of the awesome “rage goggles” for free.

Rage goggles in use

Afterwards, we sat down to grab a bite at Cien Montaditos (One of our favorite restaurants that serves tapa sized sandwiches and I euro mugs of beer on Wednesdays) when then one of us noticed a magnificent product located inside the Asian stir-fry restaurant across from us. Sriracha.

For those of you who don’t know (Shame on you) Sriracha is in my opinion by far the world’s best hot sauce, which has the unique ability to make pretty much anything taste delicious. This has proved to be exceptionally important in Spain, as the food at times tends to be relatively bland so we have thoroughly enjoyed dousing our food in Sriracha on a daily basis. Unfortunately, our slightly unhealthy hot sauce addiction resulted in us finishing 3 bottles or so rather quickly, meaning we were all out and the chino stores were out of stock resulting in our meals returning to their rather boring states. Like drug addicts going threw pangs of withdrawal, we knew we had to get some. Based on past experience, for some reason I have learned that regardless of how much money you attempt to offer to restaurants for sriracha they refuse to accept payment or provide you with a bottle, which gave me only one option at the time. After scoping out the scene for a minute, I managed to sneakily snag a bottle from behind the cash register making for a rather auspicious start to our European adventures. We hopped on the metro over to the airport, and since we had heard that everything was so expensive in Oslo we decided to pick up some bottles from duty-free. Lucky enough, the duty-free at the Malaga airport happened to be an alcoholics wonderland, with a copious variety of alcohols everywhere you looked. We each grabbed individual bottles, and a bottle of tequila as a house-warming gift for our gracious hosts.

Heaven in airport haha

With our bottles in hand, we got on the plane, and embarked on our journey to Oslo, Norway!

As you can imagine, none of us had ever been to Norway before and beyond watching an episode of MTV’s Exiled (show that makes spoiled rich kids do some unflattering activities to make them more humble) in which a girl in our program who also starred on the ridiculous MTV show my super sweet 16 had to herd reindeer in northern Norway to make her more humble, we had very limited knowledge of the country. One of the things we learned very quickly upon arriving was that country happened to be that Oslo is the most expensive city in the world (Perfect for college travelers wallets..) and that everyone there spoke perfect English.

Although Oslo seems like an extraordinarily random destination to visit while studying abroad, which it was, we had plenty of good reasons to go there. Our good friends Shane, who was Ollie and Nick’s old roommate, and Kevin who was my roommate from last year, and our good friend David are all studying abroad there so wanted to visit them. Along with that, Sensation White, which is this absolutely ridiculous rave/dance party event which takes place throughout Europe during the course of the year in which everyone dresses themselves from head to toe in white outfits, and dances the night away to some of the worlds top house/electronic/techno dj’s in the world so we decided it could be cool to check that out as well.

We landed in Oslo pretty late that night, grabbed our bags and hopped on a bus from the airport to meet our good buds at the train stations. We had a joyous reunion with Shane, Kevin and David, and hopped in a taxi and headed off to their residencia, Krinsja.

We’re in Oslo!

Their place was sweet, as the program that they did was an international one so all of their roommates were from all corners of the world, spanning Brazil to Australia and most places in between. Since we had arrived in the city so late at night, we cracked open a few of our bottles and spent the evening drinking and catching up with good friends we hadn’t seen in what felt like far too long. At some point, we all thought it would be a great idea to go check out the nearby lake. Kevin and I took off at a jog, and before we knew it we had a mass migration of Maryland students drunkenly running through Norweigan woods. We finally arrived at the ice-crusted lake, and after some great and some goofy conversations, we all decided head back home to call it a night.

Everyone hanging out at their place the first night!

Our sleeping situation there was rather comical, and in my opinion a testament to our friendship and ability to co-exist as there were five of us crammed into a small bedroom that was covered wall to wall in mattresses haha.

The next morning, we all got ready and then hopped on the metro towards the city center. Throughout the trip, we made a habit of crossing our fingers while on the train in hopes that no one would ask us for our tickets as our poor wallets could ill afford to pay the 10 euros or so per ride that the metro fare demanded.

Amigos reunited!

Found a maryland cookie bar

Once we got to the main part of the city, we grabbed lunch at this crazy underground anarchist co-op restaurant place, and then walked around for a while to explore the city and checked out a sweet theatre.

Crazy restaurant


Kevin is 6′ 5 and this hookah was taller than him haha

Cool bridge

Theatre/Opera place

Cool structure on the water

That night, we pre-gamed back at their place and then headed out for a fun and interesting for some night on the town. We all managed to get split up in different groups of friends throughout Oslo, but by the morning we all managed to re-unite haha. I ended up at this fun place called the Law pub or something like that, and broke it down with some Norweigans for the night. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that the rest of the world doesn’t party nearly as hard as Spain, and as a result was rather disappointed to find the club closing down at 2am as we were all so used to our wild 6am nights in Sevilla haha.

The next day, after some much needed rest we woke up extremely excited as that night was the night we had all been waiting for: Sensation White! We cooked some more grocery store brand pasta that we had been using to sustain ourselves and our wallets on during the trip, and headed back on out to see more of the city. Kevin had recommended we take the boat cruise and we did just that. It was a beautiful day we chose for the trip, and it was an awesome experience. The boat stopped at multiple islands, allowing you to hop off and on as you pleased. We got off to check out one for an hour or so, and the island we chose turned out to be a great one! There were randomly ruins on the island, and so naturally we all had a great time climbing them and performing other shenanigans such as skipping rocks on the water for the rest of our time there.

On the ferry

Norweigan Flag

Ruins on the Island

By the water

A couple Norweigan ladies were having a picnic in the park with traditional and delicious looking Norweigan cuisine of peppers and Salmon..yumm

We hopped on a ferry back to the shore, grabbed some delicious chicken shwarma’s and then headed back to Krinsja to get ready for the night. We all threw on our ridiculous outfits, bumped some tunes to get in the mood, and rolled on over to metro to head off to what would turn out to be the wildest dance party we’ve all ever been to!

Outfit on and ready to go!

Everyone dressed up

Sensation White was taking place at a massive stadium on the outskirts of town called Telenor Arena. We took a bus from the metro station to get there, and that was where we got a taste of what we were in for. Once we arrived, i had never seen soo many people dressed in white, or for that matter so many white people haha. We entered to some bumping house music, and the madness began right away. There was something like 20,000 people raging all dressed in white, with some of the world’s best house and techno dj’s playing their best beats. It was a sea of white.

Unreal – truly was a sea of white!

Such cool pyrotechnics

We were all breaking out our best dance moves, and some we didn’t even know existed and had a great time. I had never seen soo many beautiful blonde women in one place in my life, and felt like I was in a giant party filled with Barbie doll models. I tend to consider myself a brunette guy, but Norway and it’s blonde bombshells definitely made a positive impression on me. We arrived at around 7pm, and danced our faces off till what must have been 2 or 3 in the morning before our weary legs forced us to head back to krinsja and our cramped but cozy mattress closet of a room.

After our unforgettable night, awoke to some more pasta and the sad news that Kevin had already taken off for Italy to meet up with his familia. I managed to convince Shane to come to Sevilla with us following our trips to Amsterdam and Paris, and as a result he needed to spend some time at home getting all of his stuff together at the place. The rest of us took the tram to this sweet human statue park, and had a great time posing and playing on all the statues for the day. We spent the rest of the day relaxing, recovering, and resting up for the rest of our Eurotrip adventures. Next morning, we headed to the airport, hopped on and flew off to Brussels to kick off the next leg of our excursions…Amsterdam!