Driving Brink

So was talking to my buddy jason this afternoon, and after i told him how incredible spain was he told me he released an album with our friend vikas. At first, i thought it was a joke because he and I used to play singstar pop all the time and whoop his ass, but he was serious.

The names Driving Brink, which i thought was slightly amusing at first but after he explained the origin i kinda dug it. Brinks the rode he has to drive down everyday when he’s going to make music. Anyhow, started listening to the cover of jordin sparks with Dana and it was actually really good. We had 10 of us listening to it in our apartment and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Wanted to throw a quick shout out to em for the good work. Can’t wait to see that on that Top 40 real soon haha.

They’re just starting out so everyone should definitely check it out!


Currently jamming to some dank music (Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn” and Jessica Simpson “With You”) with the roomies, Sevilla is awesome!

Details on the amazing time we’re having in Sevilla to come soon!


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