London for the Evening

Spent the last couple nights in London.  First night we stayed with Sadaf appa in Essex, and yesterday we stayed with Sam uncle at his place right by Heathrow.  Sadaf Appa’s baby Rumsha is absolutely adorable and a pleasure to be around.  Yesterday afternoon, we all went to grab lunch with my cousin Ruth who also lives in London which was great.  We all went to this Indian Tapas restaurant called Imli, well almost. On the walk over to Imli, we passed a Pho restaurant (Vietnamese Noodle Soup) that looked delicious and trendy. I was so tempted that i actually left Imli and grabbed some pho tai chi at Pho Cafe, which was terrific and had a great ambiance, and then returned to Imli for meal #2 of the day.

I’ve decided that I am somewhat in love with most of the woman in London, and the roaming around the city was a lot of fun.  After stopping at a cyber cafe to print out my boarding pass and some other things we went to Sam uncles for the night.  I weighed my bags, and they are both about 23 kg’s so i have a feeling i might be taking too much stuff, oh welll. I had a tasty and strong German Beer, some great curry dish, and watched a cool but disturbing Gordon Ramsey show about the illegal de-finning of Sharks.

We’ll be leaving for Heathrow in about an Hour as my flight to Seville, Spain is at 7:25.  Really excited to get over there and begin this crazy new chapter of my life, and see some familiar faces.

Let the adventures begin!


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