Indian Cinemas

Tonight was my last night in India. Although I’m somewhat sad to be leaving, I will most definitely not miss the Mumbai mosquitos one bit. I literally have been bitten at least 40 times in the last 4 days, and it feels as though everytime I look down at my arm, leg, or any other body part I have 3 new bites rapidly emerging. As I’m writing this, I’ve already killed two mosquitos in the room, but for some reason they never seem to completely go away. I guess I have the unfortunate gift of being a mosquito magnet. On the bright side, somewhat excited that at least something is attracted to me haha

Masi made me aloo puri for dinner, and we ordered some more dank chilli chicken to complement the meal. After dinner, Manan, Dad and I decided to go catch a movie because Manan had told us that theatres in Bombay were incredible. He wasn’t kidding. We got seats in the Red Lounge for 400 rupees, which is something like 8 or 9 bucks, and it was more than well worth it. The seats were basically giant electronically reclining sofas that were incredibly comfortable. We even got blankets, and you could ask for pillows if you liked. It was by far the most pleasurable movie-watching experience of my entire life, and if you are ever in Bombay you have to check it out.

The movie we watched was called No One Killed Jessica, and it turned out to be a great film. I am generally skeptical when it comes to watching Bollywood movies, but this was one of the few which actually had substance, was fast paced, avoided cheesy songs and had a great storyline. It was a movie based on a true story regarding a high profile murder in New Delhi. It was cool watching the movie, as I saw many of the places which I had visited the week before in Delhi on screen, and could relate to the movie much more. The movie is about how a young girl was murdered at a club in front of hundreds of people, yet the murderer, who is a politician’s son, manages to get away clean due to the corrupt nature of the country. An investigative journalist tries to bring justice to this crime, and the fact that it was based on a true story that happened so very recently in 2006 made it all the more interesting. Overall, it was incredibly well done, had a spectacular soundtrack, and provided great color in regards to the countries politicial, judicial, and police system.

It was also one of the few hindi movies I’ve seen which included copious amounts of profanity, including the words fuck and bitch, which I thought was a nice step forward from the generally conservative nature of Indian movies. Also, Rani Mukherjee did excellent job acting, and looked great while doing it. I think I may have slightly fallen in love with her.

Anyhow, it’s about 3am here so I’m about to pass out. Flight to London is tomorrow morning @ 1pm. Night Fools!

❤ Sahil

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