Last Days in Delhi

Hello everyone. Been incredibly busy so hadn’t had a chance to update the blog till now, but it’s been a great few days. We got back to Delhi after our time in Patna a few days ago. After landing, we went straight to dads friends place and had a very interesting evening. We got to his friends place, had a couple drinks and went to the city club (basically an indian country club in the middle of the city). Halfway through dinner, we found out that dads friend had a stroke 6 years ago, and literally had to re-learn everything from his abc’s to numbers and the whole night none of us had any idea till his wife told us. From that point, the evening turned into a deep philosophical talk spanning yoga to meditation camps in the hills of India. Although it was definitely not what I was expecting going into the night, it turned out to be enjoyable nonetheless.

The next morning I headed to Agra with osker, dave uncle, and renu aunty to see the Taj Mahal and it turned out to be a great trip. I had been to the Taj once before about 9 years ago, but it was extremely crowded and I was much younger so didn’t really get to appreciate it. This time, I absolutely loved it and couldn’t believe how incredible the entire experience was. While on the walk there, this little Indian boy kept following us around trying to get us to come to our shop, and told me his name was Johnny. I looked at him, and said there’s no way your name is Johnny bud, and then he told me his name was actually Fareed, but it was easier for tourists to say Johnny which I thought was entertaining. We had dinner at the Mughal Sheraton, where I had my first long island (which was great) and then headed back home to Delhi. I’ll post pics from the trip as soon as I can.

Taj Mahal!

The next day dad and I had a wonderful lunch at a Chinese restaurant, and then met up with everyone at Janpath. Bought some funky shades, and then we decided to head over to Chandani Chowk. Chandani Chowk was like nothing I have ever seen and one one of the most crowded places I have ever been to. There must have been a million shops all over, and we walked around for what felt like miles through different areas which all had their own specialty stores. Really one of the wildest market places I have ever seen. After Chandani Chowk, we went to Jantar Mantar to see my uncle and had a great time. We started a bonfire outside, and had a delicious dinner outside. Dave Uncle and Kaka mama must have finished 3 bottles of Black Dog whiskey together and had a great time together. Kaka Mama gave me a bottle as a present, so looking forward to opening that in espana.

Then the next morning we were headed off to Goa!

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