Britain and Beyond

Thanks to the blizzard who cried wolf, our original flight on the 26th was cancelled so we ended up taking a flight on the 27th evening. It actually worked out really well because it gave us the opportunity to stop over in London for the day and hang out, then catch an evening connecting flight to Delhi.The flight to London was great because we managed to get upgraded to Business class, which was soo legit. Before we even got on the plane we were granted access to the British Airways Club Lounge and had a delicious dinner before the flight, and basically got to skip any and all lines. The seats reclined all the way down to make a full bed so you could actually get a good night sleep, came with outlets, popout tv’s, fancy storage compartments, and dividers so no one would bother you and was a terrific experience overall.

After landing at Heathrow, Sam Uncle picked us up and we went to his place for a little. Then, we took “the tube” (British metro) to leicester square, which is an awesome area, to meet up with my cousins for dinner. Before dinner, we went to an English Pub which i believe was called Garrick’s Arms, and I had my first legal beer with my dad and Sam uncle which was pretty cool. After the pub, we all met up and had a traditional British dinner of Fish+chips and some dank lamb shank with the cousins, then headed back to Heathrow for our connecting flight to India. Despite being cold and rainy all the time, London seems like a great city.

We Landed in India this morning at around 10:30ish. The airport is much nicer than i remember it, and clearly has had a lot of work done on it in the last few years. Groovy Uncle picked us up from the airport, and we are at his place for the next few days. They have a cool dog named bingo who excitedly gallops around the house like a horse, eats and peels bananas, and provided us with an extremely warm greeting. He’s actually licking me as i’m writing this, he’s making me miss romeo already.

Romeo on the left and Bingo on the right

They have a bunch of stores near their house, and the weather was pleasant so i decided to go on a nice long walk to the market by myself. It was definitely an interesting first experience as i got lost, and had to use my evolving hindi speaking skills on the way, back but it was fun. We’re going to a sangeet (pre-wedding party thing) tonight, so hopefully I won’t look too ridiculous in my outfit and it will be good time. Beyond the ice cold shower I jumped into a couple hours ago, the trips off to a great start!

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